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We integrate Alexa for you

Alexa | built-in

SoftAtHome has a long experience of deploying voice-enabled devices with both push-to-talk and far field approaches.

Our customers include Orange, Deutsche Telekom or Etisalat. SoftAtHome is the best company to accompany service providers in the development, integration and deployment of Alexa-based voice services offering video, IoT and beyond on multiple devices running RDK, Android or Linux OS.

Embedded Software

SoftAtHome manages Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and SmartScreen SDK integration in various devices such as set-top boxes, smart speakers, gateways, and Wi-Fi repeaters, in far-field and push-to-talk.

Audio Lab

SoftAtHome can help device manufacturers in audio calibration thanks to its Amazon-certified Lab to Alexa pre-certify audio devices.

End-to-End Integration

SoftAtHome is helping service providers to deploy a complete end-to-end Amazon’s Alexa voice environment.

TV & IoT Skills

SoftAtHome is the right partner to customise Alexa skills and deliver the best voice experience for TV and IoT services.

SoftAtHome is the right partner to deploy Alexa and deliver the best voice experience for video, IoT and beyond.

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