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about us

Together, we invent the connected home experience of tomorrow

SoftAtHome is a software company for the digital home

SoftAtHome is an independent software provider with six different solutions for broadband (Connect’ON), Wi-Fi (Wifi’ON), Security (Secure’ON), Smart Home (Things’ON), video (Watch’ON), analytics and QoE monitoring (Eyes’ON). Telecom and Network operators deploy the company’s products in over 30 million home networks and millions of mobile devices. The company, owned by operators, has over 300 employees, mainly software engineers committed to open-source communities such as prpl or RDK. SoftAtHome’s hybrid products uniquely leverage the best from Cloud-based software components and software embedded in multiple mobile and fixed devices.

Our vision and mission

In our digital lives, we want to interact with all our digital services from anywhere within the home and on the go.

The digital home is now intelligent and autonomous. It can identify behaviour patterns and use Artificial Intelligence techniques to optimise resources and improve experience and comfort.
SoftAtHome sees operators playing a pivotal role in providing the next generation of digital home experiences with seamless connectivity. The next generation of customer experience hides underlying complexity and brings built-in security and privacy.
Our mission is to give them the tools to consistently meet their customers’ requirements.

To achieve this, we provide software services to:

  • deliver the best broadband and TV services access available,
  • transform devices into carrier-class solutions,
  • enable integration into the service operator’s end-to-end network and IT,
  • deliver easy installation for the consumer,
  • bring ambient connectivity throughout the home.

Together with operators, we invent the connected home experience of tomorrow.

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