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prpl by SoftAtHome

SoftAtHome contribution

Amplifying Capabilities, Advancing the Ecosystem

Our alliance with the prpl Foundation is marked by significant milestones – from prplOS to prplMesh and the LCM agent. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to contributing to and benefiting from the prpl ecosystem, enhancing our capabilities, and ensuring we remain at the innovation vanguard

Our prpl journey

Why prpl?

A Natural Evolution for Operator Empowerment

Our journey with prpl is a natural progression of SoftAtHome’s commitment to delivering solutions created “by and for” operators. It’s our answer to the industry’s call for more independence and control over the connected home equipment and services, ensuring operators are at the heart of innovation without compromising cost or efficiency.

How prpl?

Open Source as a Catalyst for Collaboration

Our history of collaboration with Operators is rooted in open source. By actively contributing to the prpl Foundation’s initiatives, we harness the industry’s collective intelligence. This collaborative spirit powers our products, allowing us to integrate cutting-edge technologies and drive standardization across the board.

What prpl?

Enhanced Services through Standardization

Collaborating with prpl enriches SoftAtHome’s existing products, focusing on added value over and above standardization and commoditization. This approach doesn’t just streamline our offerings – it elevates them, allowing for a more robust portfolio that we invite you to explore. With prpl, we double down on professional services, delivering tailored connected-home solutions that distinguish our partners in a competitive marketplace.

Collaborate with SoftAtHome: Harnessing prpl’s Potential

Ready to see how prpl can be integrated into your vision? SoftAtHome offers comprehensive software solutions, custom development, and support services for your prpl-based projects. Our commitment is evident in our ongoing work with tier-one customer deployments. Connect with us to leverage prpl’s transformative power.

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