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Ecosystem of partners

SoftAtHome fosters an open ecosystem of operators, 3rd party application developers, integrators and hardware vendors to facilitate the advent of the digital home.

Based on standards, this open ecosystem guarantees operators’ interoperability and a high level of manageability for 3rd party application developers. Working with a broad range of chipset vendors and equipment manufacturers enables SoftAtHome products to integrate easily into back-end platforms and operators’ hardware. This integration ensures the best possible time-to-market.
Actively contributing to the prpl Foundation since 2016, SoftAtHome is a firm believer in open-source. We develop and maintain code for the prplWare products suite, including prplOS, prplMesh, and prplSecurity, representing the first carrier-grade open-source stack for broadband and CPE.

Open standards

Committed to open standards. A highly committed member of its ecosystem, SoftAtHome participates in the design and deployment of several key standards and open source projects, drivers for market growth.

Equipment manufacturers

Facilitate hardware interoperability. SoftAtHome is working with key ODM and OEM manufacturers to improve integration of new devices onto operators’ networks.

Chipset vendors

Benefit from the latest chipsets. SoftAtHome has developed deep relationships with key chipset vendors for pre-integration of SoftAtHome software. This shortens time-to-market and provides for the best quality of experience.

Back-end and security

Widely interoperable? Through several past successful integration projects, SoftAtHome is now pre-integrated with the back-end platforms and security solutions of several key vendors. This shortens time-to-market and gives access to the widest range of services available.

3rd party app developers

Open to a world of apps. SoftAtHome’s application framework makes 3rd party developers’ lives easier. The strong support of open standards enables a very gentle learning curve, thus reducing both time-to-market and investment.

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