We Make The Home Smarter

SoftAtHome is a software company for the digital home

SoftAtHome in a nutshell

SoftAtHome provides software products for connectivity, pay TV, Home Networking and the Smart Home. SoftAtHome solutions are deployed with major operators in over 20 million homes in more than 18 countries.

The company employs 250+ people, mainly software developers based in France and Belgium, and has a presence in different European countries, the Middle East, Asia and North America to support customers.

In 2018, SoftAtHome has acquired V3D, a leading software expert on Telecom data analytics for network operators in order to improve Customer experience thanks to data analytics.

Our vision

Today, the home is at the center of our Digital life with the number of connected devices growing exponentially from 10 per household to 50 in 2020.

In this context, connectivity at home should be like the air we breathe: available everywhere so that users forget about things like bandwidth and just use and enjoy their services.

Customers also expect to interact with all of their digital services from anywhere within the home and even remotely. They expect these interactions to be user-friendly when using traditional methods such as a remote control, a touch screens or now, voice control.

The digital home has become much more intelligent and autonomous. It can identify behavior patterns and use Artificial Intelligence techniques to optimize resources and improve household comfort.

At SoftAtHome, we see operators playing a key role in providing the next generation of Digital Home experiences with seamless connectivity, providing a new level of customer experience that hides underlying complexity and is designed with built-in security and privacy.

SoftAtHome wishes to develop a full range of solutions around “analytics for Quality of Experience” for fixed and mobile operator clients. In 2018, the company has acquired V3D, an expert on telecom data analytics, in order to improve Customer Experience on fixed and mobile networks.


Our mission

SoftAtHome’s mission is to design products for operators to deliver the best connectivity and Digital Home applications possible to their subscribers, making homes smarter.

To do this, we provide software services to:

  • transform devices into carrier-class solutions,
  • enable integration into the service operator’s end-to-end network and IT,
  • deliver easy installation for the consumer,
  • bring ambient connectivity throughout the home.

To provide this level of user experience, SoftAtHome is committed to delivering the best Broadband and TV access available, with the most advanced connectivity and Premium TV services. In this way, we help operators differentiate by providing the tools to manage the Home Network, including the best Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in security.

We support operators so they can make the home smarter by deploying new Home Automation, Energy Management and Home Monitoring services.