If you share our passion for innovation and if you are excited about improving user experience through cutting-edge software products, look at our job board and join our great team! You will enjoy working in a friendly atmosphere.


Life at SoftAtHome

Why join us?

Our technical challenges

80% of our 250 employees are in the R&D team, working on wide-ranging and exciting topics such as IoT, the Cloud, security, embedded software, AI, etc.

By working side by side with our techno fans and experts, you will constantly learn and develop your skills. You’ll be empowered to work on things that you’re passionate about. SoftAtHome regularly receives industry awards as a company and for the uniqueness of its software products.

Bringing people together

At SoftAtHome, you will join a dynamic and multicultural team of developers and software architects, designing and deploying innovative solutions to meet both end-user and operator expectations in France, Belgium, Dubai, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Nordics, Germany, Canada,…

People of 20 nationalities make up our teams. Diversity brings different mindsets, different skills, and different ways of tackling problems. We strive for equality of rights and opportunities for everyone, whatever the culture, religion, gender and age. We are committed to welcoming more women trainees and employees so as to encourage more girls to study computer sciences.

Working in a fun and friendly atmosphere

SoftAtHome is the best workplace to develop skills in stimulating projects while having great fun with colleagues.

We promote collaborative approaches to work such as Agile and Devops. SoftAtHome Management is always open to discussion, preserving its start-up spirit. Twice a year, we all gather for an offsite meeting in a friendly atmosphere. Our company meetings are always fun and offer a unique opportunity to meet people from different sites.

Discover our main sites

Our Paris head office is next to La Défense. To accommodate our growth, in 2016 we moved to a brand new larger space in Colombes which is very accessible by public transport. Our Paris-based team has direct access to facilities such as a concierge service, a gym and a restaurant with a terrace. The main office has its own recreational areas with free coffee and table soccer.

Our Belgian team works out of the historic Remy Tower. We are located in the town of Wijmaal near Leuven in the Flemish Brabant province of Flanders with its famous KUL University. There is a restaurant on site and employees will often organize barbecues on the terrace. The site is accessible by train and we encourage people to cycle to work.

Our people drive our success


Cécile, Analyst Engineer

“I’m an Analyst Engineer at SoftAtHome. I am in charge of analyzing the health of our projects using technical data from our clients’ Internet and TV boxes in the field.
I joined SoftAtHome as a Junior Product Manager in the marketing team for my end-of-course internship before being hired in the R&D team 6 months later. What I enjoy most here is the friendly atmosphere. We all know each other, and we can interact with everyone !”


Vincent, technical project leader

“I’m a technical project leader for Orange Gateway. My job is to ensure good quality software timely delivery to our customers. Working with different teams with a comprehensive expertise is an exciting and challenging experience. I started as a developer 8 years ago, and then I had the opportunity to be project manager for the set-top-box team. Then I switched to the gateway sphere and now I’m starting to get involved with some cloud’s components. What I love the most about this company is to work with many talented people, the diversity of cultures and overall the friendly atmosphere.”


Sana, Technical Project Leader

“I started at SoftAtHome as an integrator and after three years I had the opportunity to have for a job evolution. Today, I am a technical Project Leader for Set-Top Box projects and together with my developer and integrator colleagues, I strive for the  highest quality project deliveries to our customers. What I appreciate most at SoftAtHome are the team spirit, good vibes and diversity.”

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