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New Orange STB 6 by SoftAtHome: Eco-Friendly Design Meets Cutting-Edge Voice Control

PARIS, France – 29 May 2024 – Orange France is redefining the French home entertainment experience with the recent launch of its latest set-top box, the STB 6, powered by SoftAtHome. This device brings the ease of voice control into the living room, marking a significant shift towards more interactive user experiences.

The planned longevity of the STB 6, thanks to SoftAtHome’s state of the art OS, will reduce environmental impact, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. Its predecessors remained dependable for an impressive six years, being regularly updated several times a year to deliver new functionalities and will continue to be updated in the future jointly with the new STB6. The French operator’s eco-design approach is reinforced by a footprint progress certification and by SoftAtHome’s energy-efficient software.

The STB 6’s deep sleep mode surpasses regulatory requirements by consuming significantly less than 0.5 W. Addressing a common usability concern, the STB 6 impresses with a rapid startup time of less than 30 seconds from a deep sleep — a significant improvement over typical industry boot-up times. This short time means that deep sleep can be the default mode for all users.

Orange France’s STB 6 is powered by a more energy-efficient Broadcom chipset, supporting an expanded range of services. This combination of energy efficiency and performance exemplifies Orange’s forward-thinking approach to product development.

Enhancing user convenience, the STB 6 remote control employs Bluetooth technology for a seamless connection, supplemented by infrared capabilities to ensure uninterrupted operation.

A groundbreaking feature of the STB 6 is the integration of a far-field microphone, paving the way for a more immersive experience through natural voice commands, positioning Orange at the forefront of home entertainment innovation. STB 6 will leverage Amazon Alexa voice control, enabled by Alexa partnership, offering a simple and friendly interface even without a remote control (an experience from the smart speaker industry) combined with the best video experience.

Orange’s STB 6 is a smart, sustainable, intuitive centerpiece for modern home entertainment ecosystems.

Guillaume Lacroix, Director Product & Services at Orange France, stated “At Orange France, we always look to enhance customer experience at home. I’m especially proud of this new set-top box with a better ease of use.   SoftAtHome’s long-term support enables us to deliver best-in-class products and features, for our seven million TV customers in France.

Arnaud Bensaid, Vice President Marketing at SoftAtHome said, “We’ve been helping operators deploy solutions that leverage voice control. The new STB6’s far-field mic is operational out-of-the-box, enabling seamless experiences, including for the first setup. Vastly reduced startup times will also enable more eco-conscious consumers to turn their devices off and on, even during the day.”

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