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Introducing Livebox 7 by Orange, Powered by SoftAtHome

A Fusion of Speed and Sustainability for a 5 Gbps Wi-Fi


PARIS, France – October 23rd, 2023 – Orange France launches the Livebox 7, a leap forward in home connectivity that combines enhanced performance and eco-friendly features. Developed in collaboration with SoftAtHome, a premier software provider, the Livebox 7 is Orange’s pinnacle home gateway, with up to three repeaters being made available for a truly smart home Wi-Fi. Leveraging Wi-Fi 6E, Wifi’ON also supports multiple devices across its three frequency bands.

The Livebox 7 marks a notable advancement from its forerunner, offering users a 2.5x speed boost. It stands as Orange’s first to provide an impressive 5 Gbps downstream and 1 Gbps upstream for household users and 8 Gbps downstream and 2 Gbps upstream for business clientele supporting advanced utilities, such as a mobile VPN or backup. Sporting a sleek “cocoon” design and an e-ink touchscreen, Livebox 7’s high performance doesn’t sacrifice usability. The user experience is enhanced, especially during installation.

On the sustainability front, this is Orange France’s first eco-designed unit to earn Bureau Veritas’ “Footprint Progress” accolade. This certification signifies that the device’s life cycle surpasses prior models in terms of environmental impact. It’s designed for easy repairs, boasts a fully recycled and recyclable shell, and introduces a standby mode for energy conservation.

Laurent Feurer, Director of Broadband Devices and Services Marketing at Orange France, stated, “At Orange, user convenience is paramount. The Livebox 7 exemplifies this with its rapid startup and ongoing intuitive updates.” He added that significantly, the Livebox 7 is the first in France to distribute the full 5 Gbps broadband bandwidth via Wi-Fi. Laurent Feurer concluded that “QOSA technology future-proofs the LiveBox 7, with bandwidth upgrades above 2 Gbps occurring seamlessly and sustainably without the need for any manual intervention or extra kit.”

David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome, emphasised the device’s ability to restore user settings from prior routers swiftly. He added that, “the new Orange Gateway integrates a considerable segment of our offerings, primarily relying on Connect’ON and Wifi’ON. Our deep collaboration with chipset vendors enabled home Wi-Fi speeds of up to 5 Gbps throughout the home.“

About SoftAtHome

SoftAtHome is a leading software provider in six domains: broadband (Connect’ON), Wi-Fi (Wifi’ON), Security (Secure’ON), Smart Home (Things’ON), video (Watch’ON), and analytics/QoE monitoring (Eyes’ON). Their prowess is evident in over 30 million home networks and countless mobile devices worldwide, supported by Telecom and Broadcast operators. A majority operator-owned enterprise with a dedicated 300-member team, SoftAtHome actively participates in open-source communities such as prpl and RDK. Their innovative hybrid solutions adeptly combine top-tier Cloud-based software with software embedded in diverse mobile and fixed devices. For further information, visit: or contact:


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