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prpl Summit 2023

Join us for THE premier event for Service Providers, OEMs, Silicon Vendors, SVs and open-source developers in Paris on Monday, October 23!

This year, the prpl summit will provide a unique platform for interaction and learning. Influential figures from the telecommunications industry will lead thought-provoking discussions on many topics, including open-source technology, broadband, and Wi-Fi. Moreover, the prpl members (including SoftAtHome) will showcase their newest advancements in smart gateway technologies, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to witness cutting-edge tech in action.


This insightful gathering will occur on Monday, October 23rd, at the Orange headquarter in Issy-les-Moulineaux, close to Paris, France. Conveniently located near the venue of NetworkX 2023, this summit will add significant value to your trip.

So be sure to book your NetworkX trip from Monday, 23 October, to attend the prpl summit!


You can find more information on the prpl Summit and register here.

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