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Swisscom’s New Internet Box 4 Powered by SoftAtHome Ensures Leadership in Premium E2E 10Gbps Market

The Swiss operator’s Internet-Box 4, dedicated to premium fibre access, offers an end-to-end speed of 10 Gbps and Superfast Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6.

Paris, France – February 15th, 2022 – SoftAtHome, an independent software company for broadband, video, and analytics, played an active part in Swisscom’s Internet-Box 4 launch in Switzerland. 

The new Internet-Box for fibre-optic subscribers allows a superfast WLAN with the Wi-Fi 6 standard. The new fibre-optic box features a 10 Gbps Ethernet port and the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, offering a faster LAN speed and a greater WLAN capacity. It natively integrates XGS-PON access for easier fibre-optic deployment across Switzerland.  

SoftAtHome’s Wifi’ON enables Swisscom’s Internet-Box 4 to provide end-users with improved in-home connectivity for the best Internet experience thanks to the next-gen Wi-Fi services brought by the Wi-Fi 6 standard. With the Internet-Box 4, end-users benefit from the best experience while working remotely and enjoying entertainment. Customer experience is enhanced through improved coverage. Internet-Box 4 automatically optimizes band usage forcing Wi-Fi devices to connect to one band or the other.

The Internet-Box 4 has a 10 Gbps Ethernet for end-to-end 10Gbps services. The new premium device boasts parental control, Guest WLAN and up to 5 HD telephones working over the integrated DECT station.

“Swisscom and SoftAtHome have partnered for several years and are committed to always bringing the best Wi-Fi and connectivity products to Swiss customers,” said Marcel Burgherr, Head of Gateways, Phones and other Devices at Swisscom. “Our new Internet-Box 4 is based on the latest innovations delivering a best-in-class experience. With the end-to-end 10Gbps, it has been designed as a premium product for fibre-optic connection and to allow superfast Wi-Fi.”

“Swisscom’s renewed trust in SoftAtHome is a great source of pride for me”, said David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome. He continued, “As a key member of our club of operators, Swisscom pushes the boundaries for a premium home network with ever-more ambient and secure connectivity.”

About SoftAtHome

SoftAtHome is an independent software provider with six different solutions for broadband (Connect’ON), Smart Wi-Fi (Wifi’ON), Cyber Security (Secure’ON), Smart Home (Things’ON), video (Watch’ON), analytics and QoE monitoring (Eyes’ON). Telecom operators deploy the company’s products in over 25 million home networks and millions of mobile devices. The company, owned by operators, has more than 300 employees, mainly software engineers committed to open-source communities such as prpl or RDK. SoftAtHome’s hybrid products uniquely leverage the best from Cloud-based software components and software embedded in multiple mobile and fixed devices. For more information visit: or

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