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At CES 2020, SoftAtHome Celebrates Open Source Ecosystems, Gaming, and Wi-Fi for a Continually Improved Quality of Experience

SoftAtHome exhibits cutting-edge innovation with the best Quality of Experience for Gaming and Entertainment in Venetian suite 29-201.



Las Vegas, United States – January 8th, 2020 – SoftAtHome (Las Vegas, Venetian suite 29-201), an independent software company for broadband, video, and analytics, demonstrates its latest innovations for operators during CES 2020.


Faster in the open
SoftAtHome is a firm believer in Open source ecosystems for faster innovation. SoftAtHome is an active member of both RDK and the Prpl Foundation and supports the expansion of these ecosystems by investing and contributing to both. At CES2020, SoftAtHome is showing a premiere demo of RDK-V.


Higher Quality of Experience with AI
Monitoring and analytics using AI are the tools operators need to provide their end-users with the best quality of experience. Eyes’ON now includes mobile agents, as well as fixed-line agents, to monitor experience whatever the underlying network.


More Powerful gaming experience
Gaming has become a mainstream activity, and end-users are dependent on network quality for the best experience. A crucial part of the Gaming Quality of Experience at home comes from the Wi-Fi quality itself, with bandwidth and latency being the leading influencers. SoftAtHome presents new features of its Wifi’ON solution to create a single intelligent mesh network dealing with LAN quality, especially latency.


The European Touch in Las Vegas

The complete range of Orange France services is available for the first time in the US, in Venetian suite 29-201. Visitors can play and experience a French smart home with the best Wi-Fi, voice control, and innovative TV services.

SoftAtHome also powers Swisscom’s European premiere launch of Wi-Fi 6 and 10 Gbps home connectivity, CES 2020 offers the opportunity to experience Wi-Fi6’s higher performance in a real setting.



SoftAtHome delivers software solutions to enable operator service excellence and provide meaningful analytics. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of software products, including Things’ON for IoT and smart speakers, Watch’ON for in-home video delivery, Connect’ON for Broadband connectivity, Wifi’ON for Wi-Fi Mesh at its best and Eyes’ON for end-to-end analytics.


Meet SoftAtHome in Venetian suite 29-201 during CES from January 7th to 10th 2020 and enjoy a faster, higher, and more in-depth experience than ever.


About SoftAtHome

SoftAtHome creates software for operators to deploy services with the best customer experience for connectivity, video, and Smart Home products, as well as providing the ability to monitor this experience. Major operators in over 20+ million homes across 20+ countries use SoftAtHome. The company based in France and Belgium has more than 300 employees, mainly in software development. Offices are already in half a dozen European capitals as well as in Dubai, Singapore, and Toronto. More info:


For Press Information Contact:

Marta Twardowska for SoftAtHome


M: +31 621-184-585

T: @SoftAtHome

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