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SoftAtHome Programmatic TV Wins 2018 TV Connect Award for Breakthrough Advertising Technology

Colombes, France – May 11th, 2018 – SoftAtHome, the software provider of operator CPE devices enabling convergent services for the digital home, is proud its Programmatic TV solution won at this year’s TV Connect Awards in the Breakthrough Advertising Technology category.


As European privacy and data regulations are becoming more stringent with GDRP, SoftAtHome has developed an innovative technology for operators to benefit from the nascent Programmatic TV market whilst rigorously maintaining user privacy by storing key data only in the subscriber’s home. Programmatic TV can be used to target ads on live channels for both broadcast and IP multicast video distribution. It will dynamically and seamlessly replace ads along ad tunnels. The solution’s accuracy enables it to become transparent for end-users. Each ad replacement is managed individually so it is possible to decide which ads can be replaced and which cannot. Moreover, the live video editing is carried out within the STB and doesn’t need complex backend infrastructure to be deployed by content providers.


The TV Connect Industry Awards celebrate excellence in connected entertainment innovation around the globe. Awards were announced in May 2018 in London.

Jackson Szabo, show manager at TV Connect said at the ceremony “as an industry, we push for new technologies to drive the disruption of traditional content distribution models, platforms, and processes.”



About SoftAtHome

SoftAtHome is a fast-growing software company delivering leading connectivity, Pay TV and digital services for Operator devices in the home. Through its SOP product, SoftAtHome is empowering operators to compete against local competition and global players alike by leveraging the ecosystem to deliver outstanding services. SOP is central to delivering standard based cost-effective solutions that are simple and long-lasting. Its solutions are already deployed on over 30 million homes in more than 18 countries in multiple broadband and broadcast deployments for major operators.

The company is headquartered in France with development and sales teams also in Belgium and the UAE.

For more information, visit our website at or follow us @SoftAtHome.


For Press Information Contact:

Marta Twardowska for SoftAtHome


M: +31 621-184-585

T: @SoftAtHome


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