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CES 2016: SoftAtHome Fuels Innovations for Broadband and Broadcast Operators

SoftAtHome showcases its multi-awarded solutions for unleashing the full potential of Smart Home with gateway, Internet of Things and UHD/UHR technologies



CES 2016, Las Vegas – December 28, 2015 – SoftAtHome (Venetian Suite 31-228), a provider of home operating platforms enabling convergent services for the digital home, will showcase its latest SOP software in its suite at the Venetian. Visitors will see a convergent Smart Home solution: control Smart Home from your TV, benefit from Smart Home on a dedicated OTT box or on the HGW from the operator.


Demos in Las Vegas will be shown on Gateways, set-top boxes and OTT boxes, all based on SoftAtHome’s feature-rich SOP7. SoftAtHome will showcase how its software addresses the challenges faced by TV and network operators in bringing together a broad array of access technologies, Digital Home services, advanced TV services and Internet of Things applications and solutions.


MyHomeServices solution is specially designed to give control over the home network back to the end-user, with an easy-to-use application framework managing services and solving connectivity issues. MyHomeServices also cuts costs for the operator by reducing customer calls.

The Internet of Things is a new challenge for operators and the CloudAtHome IoT solution enables connected devices (sensors, heaters, smart meters…) to be managed by the end-user. It embraces four key IoT domains in the home: security, energy, health-care and comfort. CloudAtHome IoT is embracing any IoT Cloud provider or wireless protocol, and can be also deployed on operator or OTT boxes. It enables operators to control any IoT device.


Another technology hero on show at SoftAtHome’s suite will be MediaCloud, the first Plug & Play NAS solution designed for operators. It allows subscribers to access all their media from all their screens with a simple user experience, while automatically securing all data at home and in the cloud. It reinforces Operator role at the center of the Digital Home.


Arrange your meeting with SoftAtHome in its private Suite n°31-228 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas during CES 2016 from the 6th to the 9th of January 2016.



About SoftAtHome

SoftAtHome is an operator-backed software company delivering the best of connectivity, Pay TV and digital services to the home. Through its SOP product SoftAtHome empowers operators to compete against local competition and global players alike by leveraging the ecosystem to deliver outstanding services. SOP is central to delivering standard based cost-effective solutions that are simple and long lasting. SoftAtHome solutions are already deployed on over 25 million Home Gateways and Set Top Box throughout the world in multiple broadband and broadcast deployments. The company is headquartered in France with development and sales teams also in Belgium and the UAE. For more information, visit our website at or follow us @SoftAtHome.



Media Contact:

Marta Twardowska for SoftAtHome


M: +31 621-184-585

T: @SoftAtHome


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