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CES 2015: SoftAtHome Highlights Shared Vision and Technologies with the RDK Community

Having joined the RDK (Reference Design Kit) last summer, SoftAtHome confirms its intent to leverage shared source software, helping service providers to satisfy their customers’ needs

CES 2015, Las Vegas – January 7, 2015 – SoftAtHome (Venetian Suite 31-215), a provider of home operating platforms enabling convergent services for the digital home, is announcing at CES2015 that it has recently joined the RDK (Reference Design Kit) community. RDK is a pre-integrated software bundle that provides a common framework for powering customer-premises equipment from TV service providers. SoftAtHome confirms that it shares RDK’s strategic vision, promoting very similar objectives and technologies.


As demands increase from end-users to access more and more services from video platforms, network operators and service providers are constantly on the lookout for solutions to manage the associated increased complexity. SoftAtHome sees and shares RDK’s strategy around a software approach for service operators’ next-generation CPE devices, whether set-top boxes, gateways, or other converged devices.


SoftAtHome’s mission since its creation has been to act as technology provider with its embedded software platform, enabling operators to differentiate and compete with a complete technology ecosystem. With its embedded software bundle that leverages open source software developed for the benefit of its licensees, RDK clearly embraces the same vision than SoftAtHome’s.


Wojtek Makowski, Chief technology Officer of SoftAtHome commented: “SoftAtHome has been created with the idea of helping operators through an open, flexible software platform. We totally support the RDK’s objective to enable service providers to standardize certain elements of CPEs, and to customize the applications and user experiences. ”


As President and General Manager of RDK Management at Comcast, Steve Heeb has recently said: “RDK can really be a change agent. The cable industry is seeking change. Across the industry, MSOs of all sizes are making decisions today that will profoundly affect how they will develop and deploy new services for years to come.”


Combining SoftAtHome SOP and RDK set of software will give back control to operators.


Arrange your meeting with SoftAtHome in its private Suite 31-215 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas during CES 2015 from the 6th to the 9th of January 2015.


About RDK (the Reference Design Kit)

The Reference Design Kit (RDK) is a pre-integrated software bundle that provides a common framework for powering customer-premises equipment (CPE) from TV service providers, including set-top boxes, gateways, and converged devices. The RDK was created to accelerate the deployment of next-gen video products and services. It enables TV service providers to standardize certain elements of these devices, but also to easily customize the applications and user experiences that ride on top. The RDK is supported by more than 200 licensees including: CE manufacturers, SOCs vendors, software developers, system integrators, and TV service providers. It is administered by the RDK Management LLC, a joint venture between Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, and Liberty Global. The RDK software is available at no cost to RDK licensees in a shared source manner, and RDK community member companies can contribute software changes and enhancements to the RDK stack.


About SoftAtHome

SoftAtHome is an operator-backed software company delivering the best of connectivity, Pay TV and digital services to the home. Through its SOP product SoftAtHome empowers operators to compete against local competition and global players alike by leveraging the ecosystem to deliver outstanding services. SOP is central to delivering standard based cost-effective solutions that are simple and long lasting. SoftAtHome solutions are already deployed on over 20 million Home Gateways and Set Top Box throughout the world in multiple broadband and broadcast deployments. The company is headquartered in France with development and sales teams also in Belgium and the UAE. For more information, visit our website at or follow us @SoftAtHome.




For Press Information Contact:

Marta Twardowska for SoftAtHome


M: +31 621-184-585

T: @SoftAtHome

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