Equipment Manufacturers

Facilitate hardware interoperability

SoftAtHome is working with key ODM and OEM manufacturers to improve integration of new devices onto operators’ networks


Specialize in Broadband access, Multimedia, and Wireless technology.

Established in 2003, Arcadyan incorporates the best of Broadband access, Multimedia and Wireless infrastructure into its expertise. This winning combination creates an innovative approach to broadband access technology development and optimizes audio/video streaming quality.
Arcadyan develops products with the end-user in mind. We are dedicated to pursuing high quality technology development and ensuring consumers get a rich and enjoyable experience from our products. In addition, our development team engages with leading researchers and developers, both in-house and external, to develop best-in-class platforms and implementations for our latest value-added innovations.


As one of the forerunners of the French Tech, Hubee is the French leading company providing VOD expertise and devising dedicated solutions for the media ecosystem. Based in the heart of Paris and having just entered its 6th year, Hubee develops and publishes multiscreen technological solutions for all publishers of video content and interactive services. Boasting close to a hundred clients worldwide, with hundreds of projects undertaken, Hubee helps its clients grow their client base, increase their revenues and market share, and deliver videos to several millions of unique visitors every day.

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Askey Computer Corporation specializes in network communications and the research and development of an array of electronic communication products for a number of international companies. Askey Computer Corporation's current headquarter is in Taipei, Taiwan. It owns and operates three highly-advanced processing plants located in Suzhou. Askey Computer Corporation holds to its business philosophy of a sustainable industry, of a focused R&D with an innovative spirit, of a enduring commitment towards modernization for world-class citizens, of an offering of high-quality products in a competitive market, and of the goal for the peace of mind of a customer satisfied with the after-sales service.

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Aztech Electronics Pte Ltd

Aztech Electronics Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aztech Group Ltd. Aztech Electronics business comprises of the design and manufacture of Broadband, Home Networking and LED Lighting products. The SoftAtHome Operating Platform has been integrated into Aztech’s Home Gateway device to enhance home gateways capabilities.

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Huawei Device believes  that everyone can be the center of information and that the world would  be a better place if access and information barriers were knocked down.  Its strong suite of mobile phones, mobile broadband devices and home  devices is testimony to Huawei Device's focus  on customers and its commitment to providing user-friendly mobile  internet experiences through ongoing innovation. Based on more than two  decades of success in the information and communications industry, and  with our own channel expertise, operational capabilities and partner  resources, Huawei Device is  transforming from a company that sells millions of devices in single  transactions to large businesses, to a "Business-to-People (B2P) brand  that also sells individual devices directly to millions of people. 

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Having been involved in the set-top box industry from its inception, HUMAXhas embarked on an aggressive design, manufacturing and integration program. Through their abundant market experience, they have accumulated extensive knowledge of the core set-top box technologies. Humax has implemented the SoftAtHome Operating Platform in its STBs.

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Kaonmedia is a leading set top box developer, headquartered in South Korea, covering more than 100 operators of all kinds of service platform (Cable/Satellite/Terrestrial/IP) worldwide. Kaonmedia continues to spearhead the digital media convergence with market-alert products for service providers including the world smallest but powerful Android-based IP box, home networking smart box and feature-rich hybrid Home Entertainment Solution. Kaonmedia has implemented the SoftAtHome Operating Platform in its STBs.

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Pace plc (LSE:PIC) is a leading technology developer for the global payTV industry, working across satellite, cable, IPTV and terrestrial platforms. Pace has one of the world's most experienced specialist engineering teams, developing intelligent and innovative products and services for both payTV operators and retail markets across the world. Pace implemented the SoftAtHome Operating Platform in its STBs and HGWs is number one today in terms of STBs as a manufacturer.

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A French, international scale, high-tech company, Sagemcom is working to establish itself as a leader in high added value communicating terminals. Sagemcom and SoftAtHome teamed up to achieve world premiere by designing hybrid MPEG4 HD Platform, with DLNA and removable hard disk drive.

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in digital media, telecommunication, semiconductor and digital convergence technologies. Samsung, also, as a Set-Top Box manufacturer, leads the payTV market delivering innovative products across Cable, Satellite, IP, Terrestrial as well as Hybrid platforms. As a world leading CE manufacturer, Samsung provides ground-breaking convergence solutions to the major operators throughout the world.

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Siligence is a leading company in the domain of digital equipment for broadband
access, digital television and connected home. Siligence is a French company based
in Paris, with offices in Asia and North America. The know-how and the experience
of its teams allowed to install key partnerships with industry leaders in silicon,
software and manufacturing in order to deliver best-in-class products to telecom and
pay-TV operators.

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ZTE is a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. The company delivers innovative, custom-made products and services to over 500 operators in more than 140 countries, covering virtually every sector of the wireline, wireless, service and terminals markets. ZTE has implemented the SoftAtHome Operating Platform in its STBs and HGWs.

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