Solutions overview

Be the best At Home

3 independent software solutions based on a unique SOP platform to deliver outstanding services

SoftAtHome’s advanced software solutions support Operator devices including STB, Gateway and connected devices. The range of features is wide enough to bring a competitive advantage to operators serving very different market segments.

ConnectAtHome provides access and broadband services by powering devices from the most basic entry-level modem-gateways to top-of-the-range feature-rich media gateways. ScreenAtHome ScreenAtHome is SoftAtHome’s TV centric software solution for STBs, enabling both OTT and managed services. CloudAtHome offers an advanced solution focusing on Digital Home premium services powered by the cloud.

SoftAtHome solutions are all based on SOP, a unique product to leverage quality components that deliver a wide range of services for the digital home. SoftAtHome solutions are designed for easy porting onto operator devices, so they accelerate time-to-market and reduce total cost of ownership.