Solution CloudAtHome

Provide premium services powered by the cloud

CloudAtHome is a software solution addressing the new frontiers of Operators with premium services, powered by the Cloud. Innovations include new immersive media consumption, leveraging the Internet of Things, video-communication and a secured application store.

The CloudAtHome solution is based on SoftAtHome’s SOP product, a unified and modular software base for all of SoftAtHome’s solutions. With its MediaCloud component, CloudAtHome brings a complete NAS feature to centralize, backup and share content from any mobile or PC device. With its Internet of Things hub, CloudAtHome offers the ability to centralize and manage all connected objects so as to deliver innovative services based on a centralized home data. The HomeStore, SoftAtHome’s application store, benefits from a complete ecosystem of applications running in HTML or Android for your devices at home. Last but not least, CloudAtHome provides a VideoCom feature to bring a worldwide multi-device video experience connecting mobile handsets, PCs and TVs.

CloudAtHome is ready for deployment on existing operator devices - home gateway or set-top boxes - and also available on dedicated operator devices (NAS, Home Automation Box, Multimedia OTT box, …). Leveraging the power of the Cloud, CloudAtHome delivers premium services which have the potential to dramatically transform user experience in the home.